‘I remember when I first saw the announcement on Facebook. I thought that this will be an usual study tour where I will just try to learn more and more about the violation of the human rights. Now, when the study tour has finished, I can’t believe what just happened. I just had one of the most impactful experiences in my life. All the places I’ve seen, all the knowledge and the values shared during the tour and all these beautiful souls I’ve met and spent time with gave me a new perspective on both my life and the life of others. Thank you for helping me seeing things in a different way and for motivating me to bring an impact around me!’ Florina Neagu

‘After the Study Tour visit, I came with the feeling that I truly want to read more history in order to understand better the present time that is shaped by the past.’ Theodor Enache


‘I left for Poland with a suitcase full of questions and expectations and when I came back, the suitcase was filled with memories and answers. It was an amazing experience!’ Alexandra Peca

‘The Elie Wiesel Study Tour is a unique experience of history outside the classroom. Not only will you be able to see with your own eyes what you read in books or watch in movies, but you will also have interesting debates, get answers to most of the important questions you may have regarding the Holocaust and be able to better understand the most troubling event in the history of mankind and implicitly, our own society. ‘ Andrei Călinoaia



‘It is a project about non formal education, you interact with many people, you visit historical places and you are encouraged to ask questions. Also it is a unique chance to visit a beautiful city, to make interesting friends and to see with your own eyes a part of history.’ Alex Bălan

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