Where will the sessions take place?

The Academy sessions will take place at the Sports Club Tei in Bucharest. This will also be the place where all the meals of the program will be served and where the accommodation facilities will be offered.

Which are the accommodation facilities?

The participants will be hosted in the home of the Sports Club Tei in Bucharest. Participants must accommodate in Club Tei regardless of the fact that they already live in Bucharest.

Do I have to pay for the accommodation?

No, the accommodation facilities will be fully covered by the organizers.

Will all three meals be included?

Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be included in the program and they will be served at Tei Complex’s canteen.

How complex will the program be?

The Academy activities will usually begin every morning at 9 AM, with several types of workshops, simulations, and seminars. Each day will include a debriefing session to review and assess the day’s main themes, conducted together with the volunteers and Expert Forum partner. The activities will end around 9 PM. During the day there will be several coffee breaks and meals.

Can I skip part of the activities?

No, you are expected to participate in all the activities that the organizers have planned. However, in case of justified emergencies, we will accommodate for your situation.

Is there a dress code?

As for clothing, there will be a series of events such as the opening ceremony or the official visits to institutions that require a formal attire. Besides these activities, the outfit will be generally casual, suitable for both sessions and debates as well as for team building activities.

When does the Academy end?

The 15th of December.

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