Who can apply for this project?

Persons eligible for this project must be Romanian students aged 18-27 enrolled in bachelor, master or PhD studies, who are active members of civil society. There are no restrictions on city of origin, faculty profile, grades etc. All applicants must be enrolled in a Romanian student association (NGO) and are required to have a medium conversational level in English, considering that part of the program will be held in that language. However, most of the activities will be held in Romanian.

Do I have to be a hard-working student or does my extracurricular / NGO experience matter the most?

Both educational and extracurricular activities are relevant to the selection of participants and they are of equal importance. Participating in student scientific communication sessions, publishing academic papers and having good academic results are worth being mentioned in your application. At the same time, volunteering, having a job, participating in training programs, workshops and other non-formal education activities, as well as being an active member in a student-run NGO can be important and even decisive for the selection of participants.

The application and recruitment interview will be conducted in English. Please complete the full English signup application.

What are the costs of this program?

All costs of the Academy are fully covered by the organizers, through sponsorship from the part of the US Embassy in Bucharest.

No participation fee is requested for the selected persons.

Accommodation and meals will be covered and they do not involve any costs on the part of the students.

Transportation will be fully refunded upon request, if applicable and if participants will ask that due to financial reasons.

Can I complete my application in a Word document and send it by e-mail or even mail?

Absolutely. If you do not have access to Internet, the form does not work properly, or it is simply easier for you to submit your application in a Word document, complete it on your computer or by hand and send it either in digital or print format.

The way the application is completed and sent will NOT be considered as a criterion for differentiation during its evaluation.

Does my academic profile count?

Clearly no. You can attend a faculty in the field of social sciences or mathematics, this element does not affect in any way the evaluation of the application or the possibility of being selected. This detail is purely informative.

What happens if I find out that I have been selected but I can no longer participate because of personal reasons?

In the unfortunate case in which you have already been selected, but you will not be able to attend the event anymore, we will ask you to notify us by phone or email as soon as possible to ensure that the free seat is offered to another applicant with a very good application. Lack of participation in the program does not entail any financial or any other obligation, except to announce as soon as possible, preferably until the 2nd of December the latest.

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